Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The House Sleeps and I Come Awake

Scarf: Express; Shirt: Urban Outfitters; Skirt/tights: Target; Boots: Vintage

Today my mother and I stormed Sephora. I finally got myself some liquid eyeliner and went all kinds of 60s fabulous. Every girl (and some boys) loves playing with make-up. Please note the lovely REAL glass coated flower earrings my father got me for Christmas years back. Nicely done, daddy.

Crafting consumed the rest of my day, as you can see. I missed journal making so.


Dylana said...

Lovely blog!


Draft of Vintage said...

Did you end up getting the NARS liquid liner? It's my favvvvv... I had to clean out urban decay last night and was cursing the little tweens that mangled the liquid liners and then I spilled glitter and powder everywhere. and then i found five dollars. awesome story.

Molly said...

I actually couldn't because they friggan DIDN'T HAVE ANY. So mad. I love how urban decay has the little quote about animal cruelty. Leave dah bunz alone. Wendy has natural beauty.

I got a butt ton of Smashbox tho. Also cruelty free. I was going to get Nars eyeshadow and I found that it was A.) flaky and B.) not as vibrant on my face as it was in the case. Smashbox had the best dark green, and it was cheaper.

I wish you'd been working at the Sephora I went to, because this crazy ass bitch must have asked me five times if I needed help. I was like Ok seriously. Now you're stalking me.

Anonymous said...

You are so talented! And this is such a cool outfit! I really like your blog!
Tomorrow x

Kennedy said...

you are so adorable, i love those earrings! also yes i got the shoes i'm wearing on my outfit post at urban outfitters, they're deena and ozzy <3

Jess ♡ said...

Gorgeous! I love your eye makeup, so clean and crisp :) Those earrings are stunning as well... <3!

Christina said...

I just discovered your blog and I love it! What are the first two pictures? It looks like a book in progress!

Anonymous said...

love the outfit and the journal

M. said...

your eye makeup is amazing!

lovelove, M.

Couture said...

Nice earrings!