Monday, 7 June 2010

A World in a Moleskin


Here is a little project I'm working on in the hopes that it might more deeply immerse me in this strange little world I'm attempting to create. The "book" (if it can yet be so ambitiously labeled) I'm writing is a fantasy where the hero is, you guessed it, a gardener named Tiernan. I had so much fun coming up with all the plant names and attributes that I felt I had to sketch them out. This journal, which has actually makes a brief appearance in the text, proves to be my greatest link to my protagonist and his world. It makes everything real for me, and provides a wonderful source of relaxation. Just wanted to share what I spent the greater part of my day constructing. Hope you enjoy it!

I'd love to see any journal projects you guys have been working on. Send them my way!


ZombieLace said...

Aw that is so cute, it looks whimsical and lovely. It reminds me of notebooks I used to keep as a kid with histories and maps of made up places! It would be nice to reconnect with that type of childish creativity!

Robyn said...

Oh how interesting. I love the idea of acorn tomatoes. The sour milk squash seems a little less appealing, but maybe if I read the properties I could be converted.

Anonymous said...

so creative and beautiful!