Saturday, 8 January 2011

Snow Faeries Falling from the Sky


Quite honestly, I'm rather blown away with how well these pictures came out, not only because they look so whimsical and vintage, but because my mother was my guest photographer. Did I perhaps discover a hidden skill of hers? I think I did.

I hope you guys like my bangs...I cut them myself. Normally I'd advise against any girl cutting her own bangs, but I really took my time, used proper scissors, and planed them out to the hair. They go pretty well with my Nana's early 1960s dress. I find myself very jealous of her former figure....a waist tinier than mine and much larger breasts. Not fair. Regardless, this dress and matching jacket are exquisite. I feel so blessed that they were passed down to me.

Dress/Jacket: Nana vintage; Boots: UO; Ring: vintage; Tights: Target; Clip-on Earrings: yard sale vintage; Velvet Purse: H&M (only $1!); Perfume: Chanel Mademoiselle















Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

This dress is gorgeous.
I'll be posting this tomorrow in my Modest Outfit Inspiration of the day (would post it now but was already inspired. hehe)
These shots of you are so gorgeous!!! I love all the running around ones and the back shots are so cool. Great dress.
The bangs are cute!!

Allen said...

Your Outfit is Great but I think you should have worn your Hunter Wellies, much more practical for the snow.

Joey said...

wow! what a beautiful way to start off the new year! the colors in these photos are really striking, and you look beautiful!I love the rustic boots paired with the more proper, vintage dress!

Carys said...

You look beautiful, what an amazing dress!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

tess said...

you look like a princess in a fairy tale, the snow is so atmospheric

And I love the contrast between the feminine dress and the practical pioneer boots

Penny Dreadful said...

Wow, what an absolutely stunning dress. It seems to fit you perfectly too - dresses back then were cut very tight around the waist, so perhaps you and your gran were closer in size than you think.

kathy said...

Wow, i love the dress, and the boots (from what i can see under all the snow!) x

gee said...

oh my, what a beautiful dress.
it looks amazing on you!
i love all the snowy pictures..:)

Mama Wolf said...

This dress on you sure is pretty!
What fun photos, I wish I got snow =[

anahita said...

the snow looks so exciting :) and your boots are amazing - look so hardy yet chic xx

Faith said...

You wear the most fabulous clothes, and these pictures turned out great! The snow is a wonderful backdrop. I'm hoping to get that much snow where I live tomorrow, fingers crossed!

Kerri @ OldLadyChic said...

I just found your blog from Victoria's tumblr and I am in love! All these pictures are gorgeous and that pink dress looks beautiful on you.

Kerri @ OldLadyChic said...

Sorry to double comment, but I'm your 100th follower and I feel super excited about it :)

WendyB said...

Beautiful color! Especially striking in the snow.

Charmalade said...

The thick layers of snow make the prettiest background. Only problem is, I can't imagine the behind-the-scenes reality of how cold it must've been to pose without a coat on!
You look so elegant, especially in the third photo. :) I just wish some of these photos were a bit lighter, so it would be easier to see!

Toast with Charmalade

Theonlyfashionprincess said...


The doll on fashion said...

Lovely series of photos!

I've just found your blog and now following, stop by mine if you get a chance :)

The doll on fashion

Ariel Maile Adkins said...

Wow, such beautiful photos. The dress is stunning and fits you gorgeously! I'm following your blog :)

Floor said...

That dress looks so cute on you!!
Great blog!
You have a new follower.
Follow me back ;)?

x Floor

Oden said...

I'm so tired of snow too, and it JUST came back! I might have to call on Thor to blaze it all.

drop a comment:

Steffy's Pro's and Con's said...

those pictures are so peaceful! i love them!

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<3 steffy

Anonymous said...

Super darling outfit. I love that dress!