Tuesday, 1 December 2009

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like....


I can say with complete confidence that this year's holiday festivities promise to trump any of their predecessors in absolutely every possible respect. I know this due to one simple fact: The Edinburgh Christmas Festival is one of the best events anyone can experience.

Why, just tonight I popped down to the German Christmas Marketplace off Prince's Street and had my self a Bratwurst and Sauerkraut sandwich, and let me tell you what, if anything can fill your tumbly with Christmas spirit, it's one of those bad boys. I also satiated my sweet tooth with a big bag of "candy floss," which is, for the American's, just cotton candy (seems more like a candy pillow to me). I have yet to sample the Mulled Mead or wide variety of German lagers, but here in lies the benefit of living the in the best city in the world: there's no rush.

Actually, there's no rush in general in Scotland. Life rolls along as it must, but they never sprint through anything (which proves to be slightly obnoxious when I'm trying to make it to class on time). While I hate to make generalizations about any culture or community of individuals, I think it's safe to make two simple assumptions when you think about Edinburgh inhabitants: 1.) they take their time, and 2.) they love their fireworks.

But I'm digressing. If I tried to sit here and gush about Edinburgh in every way I'd like to this would be quite possibly the worst blog in the history of the internet (just kidding...at least I, for the most part, use somewhat respectable grammar). The other reason I am certain in my soul that this will be the greatest Christmas of all time, is that I get to go home (after a fair bit of the festival has passed, rest assured). I so look forward to meeting my parents in the airport (after singing "I'll Be Home For Christmas" 7500 times on the flight over), getting to see my bunny, cats, and dogs, and decorating the house. Then, Danielle and I are having our very own Christmas Extravaganza, with a big Italian feast and plenty of good people. The only thing left out of my control is whether or not it will be a white Christmas, but I'm getting good vibes. The only flaw with Edinburgh is that they usually don't get any snow. Terribly unfortunate.

Anyways, I can't wait to see where the next month takes me. Tomorrow is the first day of advent, which means the first present will be exchanged between me and my little partridge in a pear tree. So until next time, keep feelin' that Holiday spirit, and don't be a Scrooge.


Draft of Vintage said...

I want to watch a muppet christmas carol real bad. did you see the polar bear puppet yet?

Draft of Vintage said...

also let's watch the Dr. Who Christmas Special.