Monday, 17 May 2010

Volcanic Ash and Bashful Sun

I'm back! After a couple weeks of blogging hiatus (which I blame entirely on the much anticipated presence of my mother in the Burgh) I have returned with a slightly mediocre, yet fairly pleasant post. Today Bretton and I, amid the subtle flurries of ash from Iceland's obnoxious volcano, had a leisurely lunch at our favourite haunt: The Last Drop pub. It's name, as would be expected, was derived from the hundreds of public hangings and torture ceremonies held outside it's doors during one of the better sections of Edinburgh's history. Fun times.

The brooch I'm wearing was a gift from my overly generous mother during her trip. I'm in love. It seems to go with everything. And I can't express how happy I am at the prospect of finally being able to wear sandals. It truly is a beautiful, albeit slightly pyroclastic, day.

Brooch: Antiques and Curious Cabaret; Top: UO; Cardigan: NYC Fashion; Headband: Accessorize; Cameo: Ponte Vecchio, Florence


tess said...

welcome back! food posts always win my heart, whatever you ordered looks delicious

ps I dunno if you've stopped by my blog lately, but I got into my study abroad program in Edinburgh!

Fashion Butter said...

that brooch is beautiful! I love all of your accessories.

Mel said...

Welcome back! I love the color of your cardigan! Oh Edinburgh looks so lovely :)

Draft of Vintage said...

So many updates! I'm so excited! Love the brooch, your mama's got such great taste, I hope you had a brilliant time! Also I have the feeling that the store where it was purchased will be in my near future--- Can't wait!!!