Friday, 1 October 2010

Trying My Hand at Etsy

So I motivated and finally started an Etsy account for my hair clips. I only have one up right now because my photographer (Button) doesn't get here until tomorrow. I'd love any suggestions my fellow bloggers have for me, and I'd certainly take requests, if you have them. It's a bit intimidating to put my work out there, but Etsy is such a positive community.

Expect a full fashion post soon! It won't be full of castles and medieval architecture like usual, but a New England autumn ain't so bad.


tess said...

Glad New England isn't so bad

Btw, I finally made it to Edinburgh. Got any good cafe, food, or pub recommendations? I made it out to Last Drop, it was quaint and I love the story behind it!

tess said...

I'm here for the full academic year. I've been having a good time so far, there's always something new to discover in this city. But I must admit getting assigned an 800 page novel in the first week and then getting a sinus infection has made truly seeing the city and meeting people harder than it should be.

Question: When you were in Scotland did you ever get called out a lot for being an American? I feel like I'm constantly defending myself and the US to people. Also, was it easy to socialize with your fellow Brits/Scots? I dunno if I've just met some taciturn people or if they really are more reserved in this country. But people don't seem to be as open as they are in the US and therefore my social life has been a bit quieter than I'd like it to be.

tess said...

Thanks for all of the comments Molly, they're really well thought out and give me something to think about. Generally I've had perfectly jovial exchanges with Brits/Scots about our respective countries. And I don't try to say anything super ignorant/arrogant if I can help it because I realize that I don't know what I'm talking about so I'm not going to act like I do. The people who have really been hard to deal with here are fellow exchange students because we're all in a new place meeting people from countries we've never interacted with before so I think its natural for them, as well as me, to get a bit defensive. I'm not saying its the right thing to do, but one time I had a ridiculous conversation with a Norwegian who said "I'm from Oslo, you know the capitol of Norway. Most Americans don't know that." And I find myself in frequent debates with my Australian flatmate, who seems to rip on every country but Australia (well she concedes Australia has its faults, but is more vehement with other countries). We're good friends, but sometimes I think she takes advantage of that to bombard me with ludicrous liberal rantings designed to provoke. So basically what I'm getting at I'm socializing just fine with the people of this country, swapping jokes/insults and whatnot.

I'm here for two full academic semesters at the University of Edinburgh. So far I've joined one society, but perhaps I should keep looking.


hiven said...