Saturday, 27 November 2010

Lumos Maxima


Behold my first post using my brand new, Black Friday discounted Canon Rebel T2i! I love my little Panasonic point-and-shoot, but ohhhhhhh this thing a work of art. Bretton and I still need to read the manual cover to cover, because so help me God I will know every facet of this damn camera, but I must say that it's pretty hard to get a bad shot out of it. Thank you, graduation money!

The outfit here was actually a lot cheaper than it looks. The little velvet dress is from Target, as are the tights, the shoes are from F21, and the coat is some silly thing I got in 8th grade when I wasn't quite cool enough to pull it off. Overall, I like the edginess of the look, which is a good change from my usual whimsical get-ups. One needs to maintain some level of unpredictability. Thanks to Bretton for taking the pictures!




Stop by my Etsy to make the cameo hair clip your own!

Tights/Dress: Target; Coat: Accessories in SoHo; Shoes: F21; Purse: UO (only $10 marked down from $58!); Belt: Thrifted


tess said...

wow you look very gothic and glamorous in this outfit!

Rebecca Marie said...

Love the outfit! I actually have those same tights :)

Danielle said...

truly beautiful!

ashton said...

the pictures are great!

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

your style has definitely grown over the past months! i am just loving the pattern and texture of your jacket...and your tights are beautiful too! keep it up!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

the fashion turd said...

thanks for the comments and follow....this is one of the most effort filled blogs i have seen in a while! your attention to detail....there is so much un-inspiring stuff out there and this is really whimsical


Joey said...

loove this coat! cheers for holding on to it for so long!(and for recognizing a true gem at a young age!)

Sidewalk Chic said...

I love these photos -- you look like you're in a gothic fairytale almost. I'm in love with the pattern of your coat.