Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Syntax and Sycorax

I found this bizarre half pleated skirt, half acrylic fabric number at a thrift store in Vermont. It's clearly hand-made and an odd piece indeed. I've tried it on all different levels of my waist, though somewhere between empire and natural seems the most successful. Pairing it with the studded belt segments the ensemble well, as do the slightly off-matching green tights.

I think I'm going to do a little photo shoot with Wendell bun today using my new camera. He's in need of some glamor shots, I think.

Skirt: Battery Street Jeans; Blazer/Hair clip: UO; Tights/Socks/Turtle neck: Target; Belt: F21; Shoes: River Island

Thanks to Little Alaska for taking mah picz :D


Kennedy said...

oh your clogs are beautiful!

gee said...

what a great find.
i love the color and style of your skirt.
i have the worst luck when it comes to thrift stores.

Shallow Mallow said...

Love it. The colour of the skirt + tights = major outfit crush over here. ♥

Karolina said...

I love that color on your skirt! :)


Miss Woody said...

lovely !

Michal said...

I love the color of your skirt & tights together! They match the peacock feathers perfectly. I love your socks & clogs too. :D

Elekon said...

+1 hype:) love the colours here!


tess said...

the clogs rock!

Playing Hooksies said...

Love the cool shades of colors here. And the peacock feather <3!


Maddy said...

this is adorable, your blog is so lovely <3 new follower, dearest!